Training with K9 Pro

All Herzhund Dog Owners have a lifetime training discount with K9 Pro Trainers. We highly recommend that you have at least one session with one of our trainers when/or before your puppy comes home to learn some basic skills. Although this is not a requirement when receiving one of our puppies, we do believe training is an essential part of owing any dog and is a highly beneficial experience.



Head Trainer and Behaviourist


Steve is an Accredited Dog Obedience Trainer, Law Enforcement Dog Trainer and Behaviourist which means he will bring a degree of science, experience, skill, instinct and his love of dogs to the table – it would be hard to find someone better to help you with your dog. With decades of experience training dogs, Steve is well versed in a range of different methods and is constantly researching, developing and improving upon methods he has developed himself over many years of working with dogs.


K9 Pro Senior Dog Trainer


Bec has been training under Steve’s guidance for over 11 years and has a passion for competition obedience and puppy training. She first started training and competing in obedience with her Beagle, Daisy, using Steve’s Training in Drive program. Bec currently owns two Belgian Malinois and a Jack Russell and enjoys training her dogs for competition obedience and IGP/Schutzhund. Bec has trained many dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds (from small white fluffies to Tibetan Mastiffs) and loves working one on one with dog owners to help them achieve success with their dogs.


K9 Pro Dog Trainer



Claire has 5 dogs of her own, and is a qualified NDTF Trainer, (Cert 3 Dog Behaviour and Training). She has been training under Steve’s guidance for approx. 6 years now. Her passion for dogs is second to none. Claire currently works on our board and train/rehab dogs here at K9 Pro.


Our course trainers assist in all aspects of training here at K9 Pro. They help in private lessons, help with board and train dogs, online based training as well as group training and workshops.

Our Trainers play a major role with the dogs wo attend our board and train program, often taking them out and about, into town and get them working around other dogs and/or humans, before they head home.

Some of our trainers are able to do follow up sessions with our clients in their home environment and/or alternate locations other than K9 Pro Headquarters, when it is required.