Our Breeding Goals

We want to provide you with your “Heart Dog” and this is what Herzhund means. We also want to make sure that this puppy is as healthy and temperamentally sound as we can provide

labrador retrievers

The Labrador Retriever has been one of the most popular breeds for many years. They are such a versatile breed that is commonly used to guide the blind, assist those in need, scent detection work, hunting and retrieving and of course the best mate you could ever hope for.



Steve grew up with a Labrador named “Boy”, and he feels the Labrador makes the best pet for children young and not so young. If you want a dog that loves to swim, fetch, hang out and swap attention, then you won’t find a more stable dog than ours.



Our breeding goals are aimed at producing stable, intelligent dogs that are highly suitable to train working dogs.


The dogs we choose to breed are the best examples we can find of the breed, anywhere in the world.

Our lines have the best examples that New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom and Australia have to offer threaded throughout them. We aim to continue to develop our own unique bloodline to produce us predictable and repeatable outcomes, that are unsuitable for the homes we attract.


Our dogs are described as driven, active, busy, stable, (almost over) confident, friendly, intelligent, able dogs with gorgeous looks to match their temperaments.


We do not show our dogs in the conformation ring, we focus more on their temperament and abilities, though we have some people working towards the goal of seeing their dogs in the ring.


When puppies are born we work with them every day from birth until they leave us at 56 days of age. This “imprinting” period gives us the chance to develop puppies to be robust,  confident and to problem solve in later life.

Pups are exposed to varying stimuli from 3 days of age including the BIO Sensor program to provide Early Neurological Stimulation, thousands of sounds such as dogs barking, traffic, cats, lawnmowers, thunder and storms just to name a few.

Our Puppies interact with textures, surfaces, environments and heights with ease, creating environmentally stable dogs for life.

health tests

The Labrador Retriever breed can be troubled by health ailments. The most common are Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC), Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration (PRA) and Hip and Elbow Displasia. 

The dogs we breed are DNA tested clear of any concerning diseases either by parentage or DNA testing and they are also Hip and Elbow x-rayed before breeding.