Herzhund Labrador Owners Club

If you have a Herzhund Labrador, you will be well aquainted with the Herzhund Lab Owners Club.


Being part of the Lab Owners Club comes with a bunch of benefits from product and lesson discounts, to catch up days and a private facebook community.


Puppy Handover Days

When it is time for the pups to go to their new forever homes, we run puppy handover days at our facility in Richmond NSW.

We highly recommend, where possible, that if you can make it to your dedicated puppy pick up day, you should. The day involves meeting your puppy for the first time, all of the other owners in the same litter. Both Steve and Alison are there to chat to and ask any questions you might have, and Steve presents a basic puppy raising skills, nutrition, lifeskills etc course

Facebook Group

We have a dedicated private Facebook Group for all owners of any Herzhund Labrador. Its a safe place for all owners to chat and share experiences, photos, ask advice and enjoy watching all the puppies grow together.

Steve and Alison are available on the page to ask questions and share information also. The group is growing steadily with each and every litter we have, so you can imagine there is a lot of knowledge and experience with our puppies right at your fingertips.

FREE Training Programs

All owners of Herzhund puppies have access to all of our puppy raising documents and programs online. Steve has developed these over many many years of training and research and we have them readily available for all new owners through our FB page and email.

Discount Training Consults

Like any dog, Labradors need training. Whether you want your dog as a pet, an assistance dog, for retreving, obedince training any reason at all, basic training is a must.
We are lucky enough at Herzhund Kennels to have the guidance from Steve Courtney (Head Behaviourist and Dog Trainer at K9 Pro - The K9 Professionals) on hand 24/7. We offer discounted training for all puppy owners for the lifetime of the dog either in person at our facility or via ZOOM / SKYPE if you are interstate and can not make it here.

Catch Up Days

For anyone local (and even those that are not) we try and have regular catchup days with all of the dogs. If anyone is traveling from interstate and will be nearby we try and work these days so that everyone can be involved. We often just go for bushwalks, or dam swims, and owners get to chat and see everyone in person. Its a lovely opportunity for everyone to catch up in an informal environment. If also may have others owners in your area we can "hook" you up with to have puppy playdates and catch ups if you are not able to make it to us here

Puppy Packs

All puppy owners are given a puppy pack for their puppies that are either posted out to them (if interstate and unable to make it to pick up the puppy) or given to the new owners at our puppy hand over days.

The products in this pack are some of the things we think are the best things you will need for your pup ie leash, harness, bed etc Packs often change from litter to litter, however every pack is individually chosen by Alison and Steve to be sure each product is exactly what your pup needs

Discount on Products

All new puppy owners recieve a once of larger discount for all products purchased for the pup before / when the puppy arrives. They then have a lifetime discount applied to any product purchases for the lifetime of the dog. Products can be purchased through

Lifetime Support

For the lifetime of your pup and hopefully beyond, we will be here for you. If you ever have an issue with your puppy / dog, have a change of circumstance, something happens beyond your control, know that we are here to support you in anyway possible. We are just an email, phone call or visit away 🙂

Pet Insurance

You will be signed up for 6 weeks free pet insurance. This gives you time to decide if you would like to keep this, swap to another provider or let it lapse.