Healthcare and Grooming

Healthcare and Grooming start from day one


We have a regular vet we use for all veterinary needs. This is North Richmond Veterinary Hospital. We take all puppies and grown dogs here for any needs we have.


Within hours of birth both Mum and puppies are taken here to to confirm all is well. Generally the pups do not need to go back the the vet before the final check before leaving for their new homes, however if there was a need, we would take our pups for additional check ups on the way.


At approx. week 7, while the pups are receiving their first vaccinations (these are those we are legally bound to giving to the pups before they are sold), they will also get their microchips and a final health check.

This is also the time we will receive the “fit to fly” certificates for any pups that will be flown to their new homes and or travel approval for long haul trips.


All of the Herzhund Puppies are checked and seen to by our Osteopath Sam Sherrington before the puppies head to their new homes, usually around week 7.



She checks structure and confirmation of all pups and give each pup a good massage and feel over.



Many of our puppy owners continue to see Sam with their pups for general “maintenace” much like we might do as humans for a relazing massage / spa day.


Grooming is a part of everyday life here at Herzhund Kennels, be it nail clipping, brushing the coat, bathing etc etc



It is important to make everyday things normal. We teach the pups it is ok to have their feet handled for example, so that when its comes time to clip their nails when they are home, its just a normal part of the day



We try not to bath the puppies to often. We like to keep the natural oils in their coat, but of course there are times that is is necessary to do so. We have a hot water system in the whelping room and large tub where we can wash and dry pups. We us a combination of a few things to wash pups with including Aloveen and Relax Dog Shampoo.



We use Herm Sprenger nail clippers on our puppies as we find these the best for their teeny tiny nails


General grooming of a Labrador is not difficult. We highly recommend though that you start “grooming” your pup regularly as soon as they arrive home, if for nothing else but to get them used to being touched and handled. They do shed coat so regular brushing will keep the hair at bay. Nails need clipping and ears need cleaning. Regular baths are not essential, unless your pup is particularly stinky or dirty.