Genetics & Testing

We search the world for the best bloodlines and bring them together here at Herzhund Labradors


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When purchasing a Labrador you should be sure to check that your chosen breeder has completed X-Rays for hip and elbow dysplasia, and at least a basic DNA test for any undesirable genetic markers. All Herzhund breeding dogs have full DNA tests complete and Hip and Elbow X-Rays before they join the breeding team and are avialable for all prospective owners on request.


Some common issues you might come across in Labradors is EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) and PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). DNA testing can exclude these and many other issues from your lines, though many DNA markers are not able to be picked up in testing or their simply is not test available.


We also like to see fun things like what colour coat they may carry in their genetic make up to see what colour pups are possible from certain matches.



Prior to any matings all dogs considered to join the Herzhund Breeding Team have hip and elbow xrays complete.

There is a median and average hip score set nationally for Labrador Retrievers and here at Herzhund Labradors we aim to keep all of our breeding dogs under this.