All puppies are raised on a complete raw diet at Herzhund Kennels


Every puppy / dog that comes to Herzhund is feed a completely raw diet. Being fed purely on raw and no commercial ingredients, you can expect to have some very robust puppies.

From approx. 3 weeks of age pups begin to wean from their mothers onto a solid food diet. We do this in conjunction with a premium supplement such as K9 Puppy Gold from K9 Power.

Yes this is more work and more expensive, espcially in larger litters, however it is proven to produce stronger and more healthy pups with a better immune system.

They are given bones from early on to help develop motor skills and how to use a paw and mouth combination to suceed.

We feed raw to both our adult dogs and puppies. Raw feeding is something we are very passionate about and are very happy to help educate our puppy owners on this if they so choose to continue to feed their pups this way (which is not essential in purchasing one of our puppies, though we do highly recommend this).

The amount of food each dog will need will vary based on their weight and metabolism, but all new puppy owners are given clear information before the pups go home to their new familes on how to continue a healthy diet for their dog.

If the pups are picked up from our facility, a few meals are pre prepared and sent home with the owners so that they can see it first hand. We find this makes it a little easier, espescially for those that have not feed raw before, to actually have a sample of it in front of them, and they mostly realise just how easy it really is

For training treats we use Prime 100 rolls. This is a great single protein product, healthy and easy to cut up and use.

We use weanafeeda feeding stations once pups are old enough to have individual bowls