Some of our Frequently Asked Questions are below…

Puppies are not allocated to their forever homes until around the 6 week mark. This gives us time to fully assess their temperaments and be sure they are going to the right homes. 

Having this said, most new owners will know before this that they have a puppy from the particular litter, just final allocations still need to be complete

Unfortunately no. For health and safety reasons, we do not let anyone into our Whelping Room and Puppy Areas.

No. Our puppies are placed in homes based of the new owners needs and desires and this can only happen once fully temperament assessments are complete.

We go through all of our prospective owner list and allocate pups that match all criteria best to the new owners.

You most certainly can. However this might mean you need to wait longer for a suitable pup for your home.

Colour is the last criteria we try and match to owners (though were possible we like to meet all puppy owners requests, its not always possible).

When watching puppies grow and develop, colour plays no part in this. Temperament will always be the most important trait we asses any dog owner should look for. 

If we have a litter of pups and you have your heart set on lets say “the yellow bitch” but we have match the “black male” to you, you of course can say you would rather wait for another litter that has a yellow bitch to suit you, accept the black male, or remove yourself from our list all together.

We have puppy hand over days when they are ready to go home, here at our training facility.  There is a little information session and you can pick up your puppy packs and anything else you need / want for your pup on the day.

This is great opportunity to meet the new owners of the other pups in the litter also, so we always recommend if you can get to our facility to pick up, you should.

Otherwise we can assist in helping organise transport to your location.

We start the toilet training process while pups are here with us, but this is something that obviously needs to be carried on once they are home with you

You most certainly can. You can contact K9 Pro and they can book you in some training.

We have a great puppy program we recommend to all new puppy owners

No. You do not need to train with us and K9 Pro, however we do highly recommend you source yourself a trainer, as all dogs do need training, even cute fluffy little labrador puppies 🙂

The short answer is no, we do not desex our dogs and we do not recommend this.

If you really need to do this, we highly recommend you wait until your dog is fully grown and matured and the newest research suggests this is not before 3 years of age.

We can not give any health guarantee if it is done before this age

We feed a fully raw diet and a sample of this diet will go home with your puppy if you pick up from us.

No you do not, though we highly recommend you do.

We have a raw eating document to help you get started if you are new to raw feeding.

If you do choose to move your dog to a commercial diet, we recommend this is done slowly over a matter of weeks as our puppies are fed a full raw diet from day one of solid foods.

No. All of our puppies are registered on the limited register with DOGS NSW.

Any use of Herzhund dogs in breeding programs are to be arranged by private agreement. 

All pups are sold on limited register. If this needs to be amended at a later date, this can be done so once a full assessment is complete and health checks finalised.

This is to maintain the integrity of Herzhund dogs and our breeding program.

All expressions of interest are taken through this link found here:

Most definitely not.

Puppies are placed in homes on the best suitability to owner and home it is going to.

If you want a Herzhund dog, please do put your expression of interest in as you never know, your new puppy might be just around the corner