Choosing your next puppy

How should this be done?

Many pups arrive as an impulse buy, we fall in love with them all the same and then at some stage of our lives, they just are not suitable to do what we need them to do. At K9Pro, we specialise in dog rehabilitation and one of the biggest reasons people need this service is because the dog they chose is did not fit into their lifestyle.


A dog may need an experienced handler to work with him or her and pet owners may not be able to get this dogs behaviour right. The dog may have a huge amount of drive and the owner has no need for it, so the dog spends every waking moment trying to get to other dogs, cats or cars.


Steve does about 30 plus puppy assessments each year. He assesses the puppies in the litter to determine if they will grow into dogs that will fit your family.

It is not unusual for Steve to inform clients that the litter they are looking at has no puppies that will meet their needs. Simply choosing a breed and expecting them all to be the same is a very risky process.


Considering you will likely want to have this dog for upwards of 12 years, it is very important to select the right puppy, from the right breed and for the right family. This is the reason that we select a puppy for you from our litters and provide you with a pup we know will be exactly what you need.


There are many considerations to make before settling on where you get your puppy from. Some may include: 


  • The breed,
  • The bloodlines the breeder is developing and what their goals are,
  • The work the breeder does or doesn’t do before the puppies are homed,
  • The health tests and health of the breeders dogs,
  • The temperament and drive levels in the dogs and whether or not they are suitable for your goals,
  • The stability of the breeders dogs and their ability to do what you want your dog to do,
  • The trustworthiness of the breeder,
  • The puppy contract and sale details and
  • On going support

Considering any less than these elements is how we get to meet most clients with troublesome dogs. We want to give you the dog of your life and selecting the right dog at the start is a big part of that equation.


All of our puppy owners are part of our Herzhund Labrador Owners Club, where they all speak with each other about their puppies. We have nothing to hide and we breed with transparency and honesty.