Whelping Facility

Our whelping room and areas for breeding are purpose built for the best whelping/raising experience for all involved.

24 Hour Camera Coverage

There is 24 hour camera coverage in the whelping room, outside run and outside puppy yard which records data at all times so that we can go back and access if ever the need arose. We can watch live from anywhere (including the local woolies if we felt the need).


Our whelping box is fully insulated, has safety rails, has insulated flooring with vetbedding and heat pads for the comfort of the pups and mum

Insulation & Temprature

The whole facility is 100% insulated, which helps to create a stable temperature at all times. We have a heating and cooling system and digital thermometers to monitor temperature very closely (especially while pups are newborn). An air purifying system, that is installed helps to remove any bacteria in the air which helps make sure pups and mum are in the safest possible environment. 


The whelping room is complete with soft lighting, ambient music playing throughout, room heating and cooling system and air purification and cameras.

There is a complete kitchen for making up food once puppies are on solid foods and a washing area.


All floors are sealed with epoxy so that the entire area can be sanitised with ease.


We have a karcher floor scrubbing machine and do daily cleans in the whelping room.


Kenisan and Shift it Sanitising products are used to ensure the full whelping unit remains clean at all times.


There is a covered outdoor area (which can be separated and blocked off from the whelping room and puppy yard) leading to a secured grass area.

In our puppy yard we have interactive toys and training opportunities on hand for the pups at all times.