Scent Detection


All of our Labradors have the essential “Hunt Drive” which is the crucial ingredient for successful scent detection.

This coupled with high food and prey drive makes our dogs very capable of Scent Detection at the highest level.

We also have a very intense Imprinting program which runs from the day the pups are born until they are 8 weeks of age.

This ensures that our pups are bold, outgoing and have no environmental sensitivities.

Our pups are finding target odours at 6 weeks, ignoring distraction, and discriminating between odours.

This can be further developed to specialize in Narcotics Detection, Explosive Detection, Truffle Detection and the detection and indication on any odour you specify.


We do supply pups to Government and Private departments at 8 weeks of age or we can retain the puppy at K9Pro and deliver the puppy at 6 – 10 months, already trained to specified levels.