Psychologist? Therapist? Counsellor?

Having a dog in your work can improve mood and results in your patients and clients, even just a friendly dog that is well mannered can be a huge asset.

Going further may mean teaching a dog technique such pressure therapy, where the dog will lean on or lay on someone’s feet, or legs perhaps when they are feeling stressed or anxious.

We have worked with people and supplied dogs for their practice with amazing stories of success. If you are thinking about this option, speak to us as we can help with the right dog and the right training!


Dogs helping people in therapy situations is far from new and even some large hotel chains are now looking at having a dog in the lobby near the check out area to interact with those waiting to pay their accounts!


Herzhund Labradors are amazing at interacting with people due to a number of factors.


The Labrador breed is known as a very friendly and loyal breed, with pendant shaped ears and rounded features they provide a very appeasing picture for those who may be a little nervous around some dogs.


Herzhund Labradors are bred from only select lines and then throughout their imprinting period (0 – 8 weeks) we work with them every day to provide education, challenges and lessons that help them deal with any situation confidently.


Generally we supply puppies at 8 weeks of age but we can also choose a puppy for you and put the puppy through our raise and train program, delivering you a puppy that is ready to walk into your practice.


If your looking for a dog to help support your patients, we can certainly help.

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