Planned Litters

Currently we have 2 litters on the ground.

We do not have any bitches in whelp at the moment but hope to have one more litter later in the year.

Stay Tuned!




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We do not breed a lot of dogs, we like to plan our mating’s carefully and then watch the puppies develop before making the choice of what to breed next.

We want to see puppies from our mating’s develop so we wait until we have more development data and make educated choices based on what we know. Of course this means less puppies, but we are highly focused on quality over quantity at Herzhund Labradors.

We believe the people who have researched us, watched our pups work etc are only interested in a Herzhund puppy and they feel they are more than worth waiting for. Our last litter pups are thriving in their new homes and their new owners are astounded at how well they are doing.

Registering your interest is obligation free, if we don’t think there is a pup suitable for you, then you will not be obligated to take a pup that may not suit you, we spend a lot of time placing pups in the perfect environment. I urge you to read our page “How we home our litters” as we don’t allocate puppies to the person with the money or name at the top of the list, they go to the homes they will thrive in.

There won’t be an abundance of these dogs available, we will only breed to excel and that takes planning and execution, not quantity.