Best Friends


Our Labs have awesome pack drive, they love people – it is in their DNA!

Today, people want a dog that can be social, smart, obedient, easy to motivate and train and resistant to developing behaviour problems.

This doesn’t sound like much to ask for, but as a behaviourist who specialises in severe cases of aggression, I can tell you that simply buying a pure bred dog of a certain breed is NOT the guarantee of success you might think your buying.

A “good dog” is a rare thing these days and this is because people are often not selective enough when choosing a puppy and who they are buying from.


The right pup

A “good dog” is a precise balance of genetics, imprinting, environment, exposure, and education.

We select our genetics from only select animals that are of sound mind and health and have demonstrated temperament traits and abilities that we want to reproduce.

We spend every day working with the puppies from day 0 to day 56 (8 weeks of age) to give them the best possible exposure and experiences as possible.

We offer puppy buyers access to the Herzhund Labrador Owners club, a private group where training programs are loaded so that puppy owners have programs to go on with and we offer lifetime support to all puppies.

We want our puppy owners to have the absolute best opportunities available.

A pet dog or best mate is such a wide category to fill, but know that in my every day job, where I am booked solidly for months all year round, working with troubled dogs that only need to be well behaved pets.

We place many of our pups in working homes as assistance dogs and support dogs but also many are pets and best mates that provide fun and happiness for many years of family life.

If your looking for a best mate, then email us because we breed the best “best mates” around!