Assistance Dog

For a very long time, Steve has been helping people train dogs for many roles, and none more important than training dogs to assist people.

Whether the goal was to help people with emotional, psychiatric, mental health, medical needs, anxiety or depression problems, Steve has been involved in teaching the dogs how to behave in given circumstances.

One challenge has always been to find dogs with suitable temperaments for these particularly important roles. Training a dog to assist their person in any and every environment and around any distraction is challenging enough but if you are working with a dog that is nervous, fearful or unstable in any way, the task may never be achievable.

When we started breeding Labradors, it was with these specific goals in mind, so temperament and health are at the top of our list when it comes to breeding goals.Assistance Dog

Rosie Cheeks was our maiden breeding female and she has produced some incredible pups, thriving as assistance dogs and even dogs that are owned by Psychologists who have their Herzhund Lab as a Therapy dog in session.

Diabetic alert dogs and dogs that indicate on many of the owners behaviours, odours or mannerisms mean you can end up with a 24 hour a day companion to help you.

Unlike many assistance dogs, Steve aims not at a passive, lazy or sleepy dog in the background, but an energetic dog to help get you off that couch and active.

Sure, our dogs love a sleep in and love to laze on the couch too, but they are bred to work and love fetching, running, swimming, hiking, playing, and walking too!

Our lines are very trainable as they are bred from working lines. They genetically love people and are raised from day one by our whole family and staff at our dog training company, K9 Pro – The K9 Professionals in our unequalled imprinting program.


Help in many areas

Many Assistance dogs simply accompany people throughout their life, as a support partner and really do not have to do anything special, but they of course must have impeccable behaviour.

Emotional Support

Some dogs will learn and or be taught to interact with their human to interrupt, distract or jolt them out of an impending panic attack, emotional breakdown or similar event, whilst others will just create a feel good /safe attitude in owners that have special emotional needs.

This may cover depression, anxiety, autism, ADHD and other needs.

Medical Alert Dogs

Dogs can detect a very small change in blood sugars that rise and fall in diabetic patients, this can be detected quickly by dogs and this is a very valuable asset to have.



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