Herzhund Working Labrador Retrievers

Selection, genetics, imprinting, training and care, you are not going to find better Working Labrador Retrievers than Herzhund.


Bred to assist children and adults a like through life as a best friend or a helper, our dogs are very people driven.


Athletic and driven, these are fun dogs to live with and train.
Unequalled breeder support and training for the life of the dog

Our breeding plans

We have 2 litters planned for the first half of 2021, to read more about these litters, click here. “Planned Litters
Our puppies are highly sought after so you must be on our waiting list to get a Herzhund puppy.


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Some words from our puppy owners below

Henry has been my best mate since the day I brought him home. He is now 11 months old and has grown into an affectionate, stable and gentle companion.

Excellent genetics and early socialisation by Steve and Alison allow Henry to adapt and behave confidently in every situation he is faced with.

Henry is absolutely everything I had hoped for and is now my constant adventure companion.


Our experience with Herzhund has been exceptional. Fresh from their incredible imprinting program, we welcomed our gorgeous boy Jonah into our crazy household at 8 weeks.

From the very beginning it was clear he had great genes and had been given an amazing start by the Courtney Family. Fazed by nothing, quick to learn and full of life, he has been everything we ever wanted in a family dog and much much more.

The endless information and support we have received from the Herzhund Family has been invaluable and we feel lucky to be a part of it.



Worth the Wait 

Steve and Alison's attention to detail in their pups is outstanding. Everywhere I go I get complemented by what an amazing dog I have (and I proudly agree).

My expectations about Dog breeding and raising have been blown out of the water. Steve and Alison have pure passion and absolute desire for the dog's well being.

When Freya arrived off her flight (SYD-BRIS) they had packed our T-shirts that we had posted 2 weeks earlier (at their request) with our scent on them and had rubbed them on Mum and siblings to help settle my girl into our home (no small feat when there are 8 pups in the litter and half are interstate)!

It just made me realise how many countless hours behind the scenes Alison and Steve must have spent with our pups to make sure they were absolutely exceptional.

The training and support we have received is next level. We have access to Steve's amazing training resources and he posts us regular videos to help support us.  Freya (Miss Yellow) is 14 weeks old, she is our family pet/second child and plays beautifully with my 3.5 year old human daughter. To say we are thrilled with our Herzhund Labrador would be a massive understatement. Thank you, Steve and Alison!

Warmest regards,

Alicia Almeida (Freya says Hi)